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The DanceXR Project

The DanceXR Project is an initiative by Avventura to spearhead the adoption of immersive technologies in the performing arts. Through collaboration on pilot projects with performing arts groups in Singapore, it is hoped that performers, educators, administrators, funding agencies, and patrons will begin to explore how virtual, augmented, and mixed realities can inform the style, techniques, expression, and appreciation of the various performing arts in both the physical and virtual space. 

Immersive works created include 180VR, 360VR, and multi-sensory Spatial VR experiences and are being presented at seminars, public roadshows, festivals, and streamed on leading VR platforms. The DanceXR Project is supported by the National Arts Council Singapore with a growing list of partners that include Maya Dance Theatre, Singapore Chinese Dance Theatre, Bhaskar's Arts Academy, The Arts Fission Company, Sri Warisan, Nam Hwa Opera, Sakthi Fine Arts, and P7:1SMA.

Members of the performing arts community who wish to be a part of the DanceXR Project are invited to reach out to us.

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