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The idea to venture into the world of immersive experiences had been inspired in part by the burgeoning immersive scene in London. In late 2018, while on a visit to Venice, "Avventura" (pronounced as av‧ven‧tù‧ra) was conceived, which explains why the Italian word for "adventure" was chosen to underscore both the spirit of our endeavour and the type of experiences we would create. Coincidentally, Avventura also means (love) affair - which works for us too since we have had nothing but great affection for all things immersive!


Fast forward to 2020. Alas! The pandemic foiled our plans to run the first of several planned physical immersive experiences. So we put Plan B into action and began working with Singapore dance companies to create immersive dance experiences for virtual reality (VR). VR technology and the industry it spawned had reached a tipping point around the same time with the launch of lighter, more advanced, and more affordable untethered headsets. Along with this development came a sudden surge in adoption and a burst of appetite for VR applications and content, including the non-gaming kind for the rest of us.


Fast forward to 2024 and Apple's Vision Pro is actually a thing now :) The floodgates are open and the future of Extended Reality (XR) - which encompasses VR, Augmented Reality (AR), and Mixed Reality (MR) - is looking a lot brighter (for real this time!) as we begin to explore and create new immersive experiences for B2B and B2C markets. The good thing about our little detour into the virtual space is that when we do eventually return to our first (love) affair with the physical, we would have had learnt a thing or two on how to combine the best of both worlds.


And so, the adventure continues....

Join us on our journey! Contact us to learn more about XR and how you and your organisation can already benefit from its many applications!


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Christopher Chew, Founder/Managing Director

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