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Moving Stillness

Year: 2023

Format: Stereoscopic VR180

Duration: 10:57

Streaming on

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Indiscriminate disposal of plastics in our waterways has caused devastation to all life.

Once an instrument of convenience… Now a symbol of pollution. In a quest to educate on plastic pollution in our seas and oceans, Avventura and Maya Dance Theatre presents Moving Stillness.


Conceptualised online over a span of four months, Moving Stillness sees two Asian choreographers, Kavitha Krishnan (Singapore) and Rianto (Indonesia/Japan) working in tandem; weaving its choreography through traditional Asian dance practices, and designed through contemporary lens, Moving Stillness expounds on the social message of plastic and pollution. 


Moving Stillness provides a first-person experience of the cause and effect of pollution whist engulfed in a seas of plastic debris. The stereoscopic VR180 production features a dance ensemble: Rianto, Eva Tey and Shahrin Johry (Maya Dance Theatre) and Ice Titisa Jeamsakul (Miao Dance) with music by Cawati (Indonesia) and lighting design by Alberta Wileo.

Produced with the support of the National Arts Council Singapore.

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