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Nothing beats the adrenaline of being at a live concert together with thousands of other die-hard fans. Yet, tickets often sell out while many yearn to experience the concert all over again. Live or on-demand concert recordings are not new but some of the world's best selling artists are now streaming their sell-out concerts in VR - allowing fans to experience them as if they were actually there. While reliable live streaming in VR is still years away due to infrastructure, hardware, and software issues, on-demand event streaming in VR is increasingly widespread. Whether using a single or multiple VR cameras, streaming events in VR for viewing on VR headsets provides a sense of immersion and presence that traditional 2D streaming cannot match.

Any event where the sense of presence offers a premium experience will benefit from 3D VR streaming. Popular VR streaming events include fashion shows, concerts, celebrity red carpet events.

Event Streaming in VR

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